Props and Display
We can create props, decorations, and special costuming for corporate needs, theater props, and organizational promotions.

These life size characters were created for a corporation to be used as part of some special events.  The Zero the Hero and Professor BOB characters were used as  safety training tools earning the company praise from Michigan OSHA for best practices in safety training. The soldiers were used as props for a Christmas event for employee’s children.

Community Service Projects 
The Portable Light Project offered an opportunity to assist a development team on the prototypes for a project bringing energy and light to remote areas of the world. This project required development of  a fabric unit incorporating wire management, flexible solar panels, LED lights and batteries.

The Organizer
The Organizer was developed to create a way to store opened coils of basket reed, a problem for the home basket maker and basket teacher. The Organizer strips create a storage space on a wall or a closet door and allow air to circulate to keep the weaving materials dry. This product was produced exclusively for The NorEsta Cane and Reed Supply, but is now available exclusively thru J.Woods Enterprises. Contact Us for more information. 


Toys and Puppets
Shown here are two examples of toy prototypes. The cow is a marionette puppet.  The rabbit was created as a pattern to repurpose discarded sweaters.

Solving Manufacturing Issues
These prototypes and patterns were for solutions on production lines.  Some of the items created have been, protective pads for presses to solve quality issues, padded covers for fixtures  as a safety tool to prevent injury, and removable sleeves  to keep wire management cat tracks clean solving productivity and machine maintenance issues.

Custom Equipment Pack
A request to develop a custom back pack for a portable oxygen tank successfully solved several issues.  The customer’s small stature along with some physical challenges were addressed in developing a back pack that works . We also assisted in developing a method for the customer to easily put on and remove the back pack.