4 Install bag onto the B-Funnel

and leave  until remaining bees

have rejoined the hive.

2 Remaining bees will return
to the branch. Drop them
into a large bag.

1  Immediately

after installation

2  A half hour after

Front-Loading HoneyBee Installation System  Patent No: US 10,798,922 B1   Oct. 13, 2020

3   At the hive's home location,

install the B-Funnel on the hive 



Hive Installation Using the B-Funnel

The B-Funnel can help capture a swarm

 4  Two hours after

1  Drop swarm into the
open hive

Patent No: US 10,798,922 B1  Oct. 12, 2020

The B-Funnel is designed to reduce stress and save time and effort when installing package bees.

Made of corrugated plastic, it is very easy to put together and use. A velcro strap holds it securely against the hive. The bee keeper then positions the bee cage on top of the funnel. It can be left there for as long as it takes for the bees to move into their new home.​

The B-Funnel channels the bees directly into the hive, reducing the number of bees in the air. It assists the bees in finding their new home, is less stressful for the bees, and can be removed as soon as the bees have left the package box.

The beekeeper can easily see when the package box is empty and all bees have entered the hive. There is no need to disturb the bees to retrieve a package box from inside the hive. Once removed, the B-funnel can be stored flat and reused.

3  One hour after